Petition 81436

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Review and Evaluation of Bishops (81436-SU-¶400)

Insert a new paragraph as follows after existing ¶412 and renumber following paragraphs as appropriate:
¶413 Review and Evaluation of Bishops— In its review of the work, character and official administration of the bishops under ¶522.3.a, the Jurisdictional or Central Conference Committee on Episcopacy shall establish and implement processes that provide, at least once each quadrennium, for each active bishop, a full and formal evaluation which will include self-evaluation, assessment by episcopal peers, and comment by persons affected by his/her superintendency (such as cabinets, lay leaders, directors of agencies served).   It shall be the duty of each jurisdiction’s College of Bishops/central conference’s College of Bishops, under the leadership of its president, to consult with and to cooperate with the committee in order to schedule and facilitate such reviews and evaluations as well as to address issues that may arise in the course of that work.
Modify existing ¶522.3.a) as shown following:

¶522.3.a) Review the work of the bishops, pass on their character and official administration, and report such evaluations and other findings to the jurisdictional conference its findings for such action as the conference may deem appropriate within its constitutional warrant of power.


These changes and additions will clarify that the body in the Church primarily responsible for the review and evaluation of the work of the bishops is the jurisdictional or central conference committee on episcopacy. They also provide a clearer process for conducting reviews.