Petition 81434

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Vocational Retirement (81434-SU-¶409.2)

Insert the following new paragraph after existing ¶409.2.a) and renumber existing paragraphs as appropriate:
¶ 409.2 (b) Vocational Retirement---A bishop, who has served at least eight years in the episcopacy, may seek retirement for vocational reasons and may be so retired by the jurisdictional or central conference committee on episcopacy on recommendation by the involved College of Bishops.  Such bishops shall receive their pensions as provided in ¶ 409.2 (a).   If the employing entity provides or makes health insurance available to employees, then the bishop who retires under this provision will be insured under that program, whether or not the bishop is required to pay the premium for that coverage, and the Episcopal Fund will assume no future obligation to provide health insurance for the bishop or the bishop’s family.  If the employing entity does not provide or make health insurance available to employees, either while employed or in retirement, then the bishop retiring under this provision will be provided with health and welfare benefits for retirees as specified from time to time by the General Council on Finance and Administration.


Bishops who wish to take advantage of desirable opportunities for ministry in other fields of service should not be impeded by rules about retirement and benefits when both the bishop and the Church stand to benefit from the change.