Petition 81426

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Membership (81426-GM-¶1324)

Amend ¶1324 as follows:
¶  1324. Membership-The Women’s Division shall be composed of fifty members as follows: forty shall be laywomen elected by the jurisdiction organizations of United Methodist Women at quadrennial meetings (¶ 534.4); five shall be the jurisdiction presidents of United Methodist Women; and five shall be elected by the Women’s Division. The president, general secretary, and treasurer of the board (¶ 1307) and the deputy general secretary, treasurer, and assistant general secretaries of the Women’s Division shall be members ex officio. The Women’s Division shall elect from its membership to board membership a number equivalent to one-third of total board membership but not less than thirty. It shall also elect members to units and committees of the board as defined in board bylaws.


This provision, added over forty years ago, is no longer needed.  To make the church more representative, membership of the boards should generally be supplied by the jurisdictional elections.  By-law provisions would still apply.