Petition 80142

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ELCA/UMC Full Communion (80142-IC-¶1905-!)

Insert a new subparagraph after ¶1905.2 as follows:
¶1905.3 To fulfill the vision of full communion between The United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, there shall be a Joint Commission on ELCA/UMC Full Communion.  The commission shall serve the following functions:
a)    Coordinate the implementation of action taken by the two churches to achieve full communion.
    b)    Assist joint planning for mission.
c)    Facilitate consultation and common decision making through appropriate channels in fundamental matters that the churches may face together in the future.
d)    Report regularly and appropriately to each church.
    The United Methodist membership of this commission shall be the Ecumenical Officer of the Council of Bishops, the President of GCCUIC if the President is not also the Ecumenical Officer, and one lay and one clergy member of GCCUIC elected by GCCUIC. If the President of GCCUIC is also the Ecumenical Officer, then the Vice President of GCCUIC shall be a member of the commission.

Financial Implications
We are requesting a budget of $25,000 for joint commission expenses for the 2008-2012 quadrennium.
[note: See petition 81455 for implementing resolution.]


This is a historic opportunity for the Church to enter into a relationship of full communion with a church that is not a descendant of the Wesleyan tradition. Everything that can be done to facilitate that should be done, and this proposal is one of those steps.