Petition 81412

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Authority of Bishops (81412-SU-¶404.1)

Amend ¶404.1 by adding an additional sentence as follows:
Bishops, however, shall not have authority to micro-manage and usurp the responsibilities and duties of Elders and licensed pastors  appointed to the local church by directing what sermons are to be preached, what scriptures are to be read, what hymns are to be sung, when the sacraments are to be administered, what persons are ready to be received into membership, how often the sick are to be visited, and other such details and duties as have historically been within the province, responsibility, and discretion of the pastor in charge of the local church.


Some bishops in recent years have attempted to direct more of the duties and responsibilities of the pastor in charge of the local church than was ever contemplated or allowed by the Discipline. This amendment attempts to correct such misunderstandings in plainer terms.