Petition 81410

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Bishops Not Reelected (81410-SU-¶409)

Amend ¶409 to include a new subsection 5 as follows:
409.5 Not Reelected–
A bishop, otherwise in good standing, who is not reelected to an additional term pursuant to ¶ 50. Article VI, who is ineligible to retire as bishop, shall be furnished with a certificate of non- reelection by the jurisdictional conference and signed by the secretary thereof, which shall entitle him or her to membership as a traveling elder in the annual conference (or its successor) in which membership was last held. Notification of this action shall be given to the secretary of the Council of Bishops and to the bishop and chairperson of the board of ordained ministry of the annual conference of former membership. When the non reelected bishop or surviving spouse and dependent children become conference claimants, the Episcopal Fund shall pay a pension as determined by the General Council on Finance and Administration.  
[note: The reference to ¶50 is in regard to proposed petition 81409 and others to amend the Constitution.]


The time for term limits for bishops has come. However, bishops who are not reelect to a second or subsequent term, who are otherwise in good standing but who are ineligible to retire, should be able to return as traveling elders to the last annual conference in which they held...