Petition 81409

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Term Limits for Bishops (81409-SU-¶50-C)

Amend ¶ 50. Article VI as follows:
50. Article VI.
The bishops of the Methodist Church elected by the jurisdictions, the active bishops of the Evangelical United Brethren Church at the time of union, and the bishops elected by the jurisdictions of the United Methodist Church shall have life tenure. Beginning in 2008, bishops elected by the jurisdictions of The United Methodist Church shall be elected for a term of eight years or that part of such term as they are eligible to serve if less than eight years; if otherwise eligible to serve, bishops may be elected to an additional term(s).  In all cases, bishops elected by jurisdictions of The United Methodist Church must be eligible to serve four years or more when elected.  Each bishop elected by a central conference of the Methodist Church shall have such tenure as the central conference electing him shall have determined.


The time for term limits for bishops has come. During at least the past three quadrennia going back to 1996, and even beyond, a number of bishops in the United States have publicly stated positions and involved themselves in political and social causes which are an embarrassment to The United...