Petition 81406

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Lay Members (81406-JA-¶2706.5c1)

Amend ¶2706.5.c)(1) as follows:
2706.5. c)(1) If the committee on investigation determines that there are no reasonable grounds for charges, it may dismiss the judicial complaint. When deemed appropriate, it may also refer matters of concern to the proper referring Church official (to the president or secretary of the College of Bishops in the case of a bishop, or to the resident bishop in case of a clergyperson or diaconal minister , or to the pastor or co-pastors in the case of layperson ) for administrative or other action. ...


The time is long since past when a member should be subjected ecclesiastical investigations, charges, processes, and the possibility of a church trial. In over fifty years I have never heard of a lay member ever being investigated, charged ,or tried by the Church for any of the offenses listed...