Petition 80014

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Voting Rights of Local Pastors (80014-MH-¶602.1d)

Amend ¶602.1.d as follows:
¶602.1.d Full-time and part-time local pastors under appointment to a pastoral charge shall have the right to vote in the annual conference on all matters except constitutional amendments, election of delegates to the General and jurisdictional or central conferences, and matters of ordination, character, and conference relations of clergy, unless they are members of the board of ordained ministry (¶634.1).


In the 2000 Discipline, the associate members and local pastors serving on the Board of Ordained Ministry did not have the right to vote. In an attempt to correct that inequity, the General Conference of 2004 voted to strike the words “no vote” from ¶634.1. This amendment is an attempt...