Petition 81375

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Financial Accountability (81375-GM-¶1323)

Amend ¶1323 as follows:
¶1323. Financial Relationship to the General Board of Global Ministries and the General Council on Finance and Administration -- The funds... All funds, except those designated for local purposes, shall be forwarded through the channels of finance of United Methodist Women to the treasurer of the division. All funds received by the United Methodist Women’s Division shall be appropriated and disbursed subject to the provisions of the Discipline and the receipt, appropriation, disbursement, and reporting of all Women’s Division administered funds and assets shall be subject to fiscal review by the General Council on Finance and Administration. Undesignated funds...
To ensure consistency within the Discipline, AMEND ¶806 by ADDING a new point 13, at the end of the paragraph that would read as follows:
¶806.13. The Women’s Division shall be subject to all the provisions of this paragraph except ¶806.1 and ¶806.2, so that the council shall exercise fiscal oversight of the Women’s Division.


The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) has financial oversight for all church agencies except the Women’s Division. In light of the chronic overspending on the part of the Women’s Division that continued without internal self-restraint over several years, this legislative proposal is timely and provides a safeguard to...