Petition 81370

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Timeline (81370-JA-¶413.3b)

Amend ¶413.3b as follows:
¶413.3b) The supervisory...The supervisory response should be carried out in a confidential manner and should be completed within 120 days.   There may be 2 additional extensions of 120 days if the supervising Bishop determines that an extension will be productive.  The supervisory response may be extended by an additional 120 days by the mutual written consent of both the complainant and the bishop against whom the complaint was made, at the request of the supervising bishop.  The supervising Bishop...


Review of a bishop’s episcopal office puts that bishop’s leadership “on hold,” and the Church suffers when the process is prolonged.  There is little justification for stretching out the supervisory process for up to a year, as the current Discipline allows.  Both the complainant and the bishop ought to have...