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Formula for Number of Bishops (81368-SU-¶405)

Delete current ¶¶405.2 and 405.3 and replace with a new ¶405.2 as follows:
¶405.2 In all other conferences, the maximum number of bishops shall be determined on the following basis:
    a) Each jurisdiction shall be entitled to one bishop for every 150,000 members or major fraction thereof; provided, however, that in those jurisdictions where this requirement would result in there being an average of more than 55,000 square miles per episcopal area, such jurisdiction shall be entitled to one bishop for every 100,000 members or major fraction thereof.
   b) Each jurisdictional conference shall determine the boundaries of its annual conferences and episcopal areas (¶27.4, ¶40).  The jurisdictional conference may choose to have fewer than the number of bishops to which it is entitled, but not more than the number to which it is entitled.
   c) The maximum number of bishops for each jurisdiction shall be determined by the General Conference secretary, based on the membership numbers reported by the annual conferences for the second year of the quadrennium (2006 and every four years thereafter).
   d) In implementing the provisions of this paragraph, no jurisdiction shall increase or decrease more than two bishops in any one quadrennium.
   e) This legislation shall take effect with the new quadrennium, January 1, 2009.  Therefore, any changes in the number of bishops under this formula would not take place until the jurisdictional conferences of 2012.


The current formula for establishing the number of bishops leads to great inequities among the various U.S. jurisdictions in the number of churches per bishop (256 to 928), the number of members per bishop (58,970 to 225,814), and the percentage of the bishop’s actual cost paid (36% to 140%).