Petition 81359

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Abortion (81359-C2-¶161.J)

Delete current ¶161.J and replace with the following:
Abortion -  The beginning of life and the ending of life are the God-given boundaries of human existence.  In continuity with historic Christian teaching, we affirm the sanctity of unborn human life as well as safeguards for pregnant women.  We support legal protections for the unborn.  Every child should be welcomed.  And every mother should be supported.  The widespread acceptance of abortion for birth control and gender selection grieves us deeply.   It is imperative that the church offer ministries of support to women in crisis pregnancies, as well as counseling to women who have had abortions.  The church should also be in the forefront of offering adoption services.  Governmental laws and regulations do not provide all the guidance required by the informed Christian conscience.  As in all issues, the church should be a model for society in caring for the most vulnerable among us.


The church’s stance on abortion should reflect the church’s history and a consensus of the church’s members, while avoiding undue specificity about which there is disagreement among United Methodists.