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End the U.S. War and Occupation in Iraq (81346-C1-R9999)

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As followers of Jesus Christ, who named peacemakers as children of God, we confess our lack of attention whenever we have been negligent and hesitant to boldly witness for peace. We commit to continue to learn about peace, to continue to pray for peace, to practice peace-making in our lives, and to continue to witness boldly for peace and justice.
As followers of Jesus we cannot ever give our blessing for war.  No matter how much our reason tells us that – in any given situation – war is the lesser evil of all choices before us, we cannot give our blessing.  
As followers of Jesus Christ we confess that in making war, we – as a church, as a society, as a people, as a nation, as a community of nations – have failed God, have failed neighbor, have failed self, and have failed those named as “enemy.”  

We make this confession even as we grieve for the failure of leadership in the United States that led to an unnecessary war and occupation in Iraq.  
Among the untrue claims that led to a decision to attack Iraq were:  that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; that Iraq was purchasing uranium from Niger; that there were direct ties between Iraq’s president, Saddam Hussein, and the terror network, Al Qaeda; and that the leadership of Iraq was partly responsible for the September 11, 2001 attack on the USA.
As a result of the U. S. invasion, war, and occupation of Iraq thousands of lives have been lost, many thousands more have been wounded and maimed physically, countless persons have been damaged emotionally and mentally, billions of U. S. tax dollars have been spent, and vast damage has been done to the infrastructure that supported the lives of the people of Iraq.
Therefore, we call upon both the executive branch and the legislative branch of the government of the United States of America to act immediately to bring an end to the war and occupation in Iraq.  
Specifically we call for:
The withdrawal of all US troops and all coalition forces from Iraq, the closure of US military bases in Iraq;
Support for an Iraqi-led peace process, including a peace conference to shape a post-occupation transition and an international peacekeeping presence if mandated by this peace process;
The return of Iraqi control over its oil resources and the political and economic life of the nation;
Reparations and reconstruction to address the destruction caused by the war;
The acceptance and welcome into the United States of Iraqis displaced by the war;
A “peace dividend” for job creation, health care, education, housing, and other vital needs, for persons in the United States, including Iraqis displaced by war;
Increased support for US veterans of the Iraq war; and
No so-called “preemptive” war against Iran or any other nation.
Finally be it resolved that the Secretary of the General Conference send a copy of this resolution to the President of the United States, to the Vice-President, to the Secretary of State, to the Secretary of Defense, to the leadership of both houses of Congress, and to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.