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Praying for Peace in Iraq (81345-C1-R9999)

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Praying for Peace in Iraq
WHEREAS, to Christians of all persuasions and beliefs, war is evidence of a fallen world, and all Christians acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Redeemer who is the true Prince of Peace; and
WHEREAS, these same Christians, therefore, believe that prayer for peace is crucial for the restoration of this fallen world to God’s mercy; and
WHEREAS, Christians of all denominations, cultures, and political opinions believe that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, who offered himself as the lasting sacrifice for our sin, and that this sacrifice is the key to bringing the world to repentance and justice; and
WHEREAS, Saddam Hussein presided over a brutal tyranny in Iraq; and
WHEREAS, his removal from power has been followed by democratic elections as well as the tragedies of terrorism and sectarian strife; and
WHEREAS, the current conflict in Iraq has become in part a sectarian dispute between three ethnic groups and in part a front in the struggle against al-Qaeda; and
WHEREAS, with neighboring countries like Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia all developing growing stakes in this conflict, the potential for a larger regional war is a “gathering danger” that could cause untold human suffering and widespread destabilization far beyond the damage that has already been done;
Therefore, be it resolved, that the General Conference of The United Methodist Church offers its prayerful support for the establishment of a lasting peace and a just, stable democracy in Iraq; and
Be it further resolved, that we affirm our support for international efforts that would advance this goal.