Petition 81340

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Financial Standards (81340-GM-¶1319.4c)

Amend ¶1319.4c as follows:
4.    The Women’s Division shall have the authority:
    a)              ...
              b)   ...
                  c)   To appropriate funds received through United Methodist Women.  No such funds shall be used to promote the acceptance of homosexuality or given to groups that advance that goal.  This restriction shall not limit the Women’s Division’s response to the HIV epidemic, nor shall it preclude funding for dialogues or educational events where the Church’s position is fairly and equally represented.


Monetary guidelines for the Women’s Division should be made consistent with the standards for general church funds in ¶ 806.9, which currently does not apply to the Women’s Division.  This could help the Women’s Division’s recent financial challenges by promoting trust in its stewardship of United Methodist Women funds.