Petition 81311

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Clergy Couple Retirement (81311-FA-NonDis)

The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits shall incorporate into the Clergy Pension plan additional policies as granted them by Discipline ΒΆ 1504.1.  Local churches and agencies which participate in paying into the Church’s retirement plan, would be required to contribute into the appointed clergyperson’s pension the additional 25% of their base compensation, or whatever the going standard is being assessed to all other clergypersons living in a church-provided parsonage as determined by the GBPHB, for those appointments which are served by pastors that live in a parsonage provided by another charge and the appointment does not offer a housing allowance.  


When Clergy couple (serving A and B) shares a parsonage provided by Church-A, the other clergyperson’s pension payment from Church-B does not include the housing addition extended to all other clergy.  Assessing Church-B the standard 25% of their salary would end the 20% shortfall in their yearly pension pay-ins.