Petition 81310

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Seminary Requirements (81310-MH-¶1417.2)

 Amend ¶1417.2 by deleting the existing paragraph and replacing it as follows:
1417.2  The senate shall also prepare annually a list of approved schools, colleges, universities, and graduate theological seminaries for use by annual conference boards or ordained ministry in determining candidate educational eligibility for admission into full connection.
     The senate shall also forward to annual conference boards of ordained ministry a list each year of those graduate theological schools and seminaries which are accredited by regional or national agencies such as the Association of Theological Schools, and offer programs which meet the educational requirements for candidates seeking admission into full connection.

Amend ¶1422.3d to make it consistent with new ¶1417.2 as follows:
1422.3d  Any institution seeking affiliation with The United Methodist Church for the preparation of candidates for ordination must first present its plan to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, Division of Ordained Ministry for approval and recommendation to the University Senate, which alone can grant affiliation and listing as a United Methodist school of theology.   A select number of non-United Methodist schools of theology may be granted approval for the preparation for ordination under the criteria of the University Senate.


The change broadens seminary opportunities, limited in some areas, by resuming the practice of allowing UM students to study at any school accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, provided classes are offered in Methodist studies.  The proposal also frees the Senate to utilize its resources on supporting UM institutions.