Petition 81308

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Society of St. Andrew (81308-GM-¶1326.2)

Add new ¶1326.2.a.(3) and renumber current paragraphs (3) through (6) as (4) through (7):
    (3) To work cooperatively with the United Methodist related Society of St. Andrew (SOSA), a national Christian hunger-relief ministry,  as the principal nationwide organization within the United Methodist Church to  alleviate hunger in the United States.
Amend:  ¶1326.2.b) as follows:
   Financial Support—Sources of funds shall include voluntary gifts, One Great Hour of Sharing offering, Advance Special Gifts, supplementary gifts of United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men, churchwide appeals made by authority of the Council of Bishops and the General Council on Finance and Administration, and designated benevolence funds.  Sources of funds for administrative functions of the General Board of Global Ministries shall be other than designated funds to the United Methodist Committee on Relief and/or the Society of St. Andrew.


The Society of St. Andrew puts faith into action nationwide through the proven biblical practice of gleaning with over 30,000 volunteers annually while distributing over 1.5 billion servings of nutritious food.  Recognizing SoSA as the principal U.S. hunger-fighting organization of the church will help eliminate hunger in America.