Petition 81305

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DMYP Membership (81305-DI-¶1207.1b-$)

Amend ¶1207.1b as follows:
    1.    Membership shall be as follows:
b)    17 24 young adults— 1 2 young adults elected from each central conference (according to the age definition of each central conference); 2 young adults from each jurisdiction (as follows): 1 young adult elected by the jurisdictional conference, and 1 undergraduate student from each jurisdiction elected at the United Methodist Student Movement’s Student Forum (¶ 1412.2g).  Jurisdictional and UMSM representatives shall be 28 or younger at the time of election, with attention given to the diverse audiences of young adults.  


It is simply a matter of fairness for our church to begin treating American and non-American members more equally.