Petition 81304

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Responsibilities (81304-C1-¶1004)

Amend ¶1004 by deleting the current language and replacing it with the following:  
The Board shall seek the implementation of the Social Principles and other policy statements of the General Conference on Christian social concerns.  In its education and advocacy, the Board shall give special priority to issues relating to alcohol abuse and other addictions, including drugs and gambling; the plight of persecuted Christians and other oppressed religious groups around the world; affirmation of marriage and the family; defending all vulnerable human life; opposing pornography and other degrading media; defending the victims of sexual trafficking; seeking the peaceful mediation of human conflicts; and advocating economic growth and opportunity for the Global South, especially in Africa.  Issues affecting United Methodism in Africa, the Philippines and Europe shall be addressed by the Board.  In all issues, the Board shall be an advocate of personal and social holiness, boldly proclaiming Wesleyan beliefs.  The Board shall coordinate the public policy witness of other general agencies of The United Methodist Church that receive General Church funds.  


The Discipline should assign priorities to the Board of Church and Society that reflect the history of our church and the informed consensus of United Methodists around the world.