Petition 81303

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Stewardship (81303-FA-¶806)

Add to the Book of Discipline as ¶806.13:
   13.  The General Council on Finance and Administration shall ensure that the total costs of meetings of general agencies, boards, commissions, councils, and committees shall be as low as is reasonably possible.  The Council shall adopt and enforce compliance with policies for each general agency, board, commission, council, and committee, including specific limits on total cost per meeting and total annual cost of all its meetings, limits on where meetings may be held, limits on the numbers of staff persons attending meetings, and limits on costs for transportation, meals, lodging, and facilities.  These policies shall be consistent with Christian stewardship and the need to obtain funds for ministry and mission by limiting costs of meetings.  


Good stewardship in controlling meetings costs will release needed funds for ministry and mission.