Petition 81290

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Archives (81290-CC-¶543.16)

Amend ¶543.16 as follows:
16. A central conference shall have authority to edit and publish a central conference Discipline, which shall contain in addition to the Constitution of the Church such sections from the general Discipline of The United Methodist Church as may be pertinent to the entire Church and also such revised, adapted, or new sections as shall have been enacted by the central conference concerned under the powers given by the General Conference. A hardcopy of all such publications shall be submitted by the central conference concerned to the denominational archive at Drew University.  


While central conferences have the authority to adapt, revise, and augment the general Discipline to their own contexts, these publications are not currently found in the denominational archive, hindering communication throughout our connection. This petition is meant to promote cross-cultural communication and to strengthen relationships within the UMC.