Petition 81282

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Home Areas (81282-SU-¶407.1)

Amend ¶407.1 as follows:
¶  407. Assignment Process-1. Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy-The jurisdictional committee...
A newly elected bishop shall be assigned to administer an area other than that within which his or her membership was most recently held, unless by a two-thirds vote the jurisdictional committee shall recommend that this restriction be ignored and by majority vote the jurisdictional conference shall concur.3  Whenever a committee on episcopacy faces an impasse or severe difficulties in the assignment of any bishop, first priority should be given to assigning said bishop back to the area from which he or she was elected.


  Annual conferences which nominate and endorse a clergyperson for the office of bishop, and strongly encourage delegates from other conferences to vote for their nominee, should be willing to accept their nominee and elected bishop’s assignment back to his/her home conference. Annual conferences would be very careful in making nominations.