Petition 81280

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Exception (81280-MH-¶342)

Amend  ¶ 342 as follows:  
¶ 342. Support for Elders in Full Connection Appointed to Pastoral Charges-To strengthen the effectiveness of the connectional system, assumption of the obligations of the itinerant ministry required upon admission to the traveling connection places upon the Church a counter obligation to provide adequate support for the entire ministry of the Church (¦ 619). The Church shall provide, and the ordained minister is entitled to receive, not less than the equitable compensation established by the annual conference for clergy members according to provisions of ¦ 624.3.   In extraordinary circumstances and for the sake of the mission and ministry of the church, clergy persons may be appointed by their Bishops to serve in ministries providing less than the annual conference minimum equitable compensation.  These exceptions are warranted only when there is a compelling missional need and when the clergy person is financially able and makes a request to forgo normal minimum equitable compensation.  


Some of the most desperately needed ministries cannot be funded.  If clergy members are financially able to serve at less than minimum equitable compensation and wish to do so, there are good theological and missional reasons for the church to allow exceptions to the normal polices concerning equitable compensation.