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Societies (81267-LC-¶200)

Add a new paragraph in Section IV to be numbered ¶214: Societies: Where advisable, local churches may choose to become a society, in accordance with our Wesleyan heritage, as an alternative to discontinuance. The society shall meet weekly following the model of covenant groups, including an assigned and trained leader. The society, while retaining the name of the former church, shall be placed under the care and supervision of a local church. The annual conference shall formulate details for such changes, including but not limited to: the care and disposition of local church property, payment of askings, and reporting the status of the society to an appropriate charge conference.


The heart of the Wesleyan movement was in the formation of classes and societies. Many declining churches would be better served by becoming a society, allowing the continued meeting of the group, and perhaps become revitalized rather than being discontinued.