Petition 81263

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Agricultural Support Systems (81263-C1-¶163.H)

Amend ¶163.H as follows:
H) Family Farms - The value...We advocate for the rights of people to possess property and to earn a living by tilling the soil.  We call upon governments to revise support programs that disproportionately benefit wealthier agricultural producers, so that more support can be given to programs which benefit medium and smaller sized farming operations, including programs which build rural processing, storage, distribution and other agricultural infrastructure; which link local farmers to local schools; and which promote other community food security measures.  We call upon our churches to do all in their power to speak prophetically to the matters of food supply and the people who grow the food for the world . , and to develop ministries that build food security in local communities.


Government funding policies have major influence on concentration of agriculture; and the growth of the community food security movement has provided many models for congregational ministry, including community gardens, farmers market nutrition programs, etc.  Both are important enough to be mentioned in this section.