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Poverty (81262-C1-¶163.E)

Delete current ¶163.E and replace with the following:
Poverty – Tragically, the vast majority of people in history have lived in poverty.  God has a special love for the poor.  But we as Christians are also called to ameliorate the effects of poverty and to provide opportunities for the poor to improve their plight.  All societies should work to provide decent wages, sufficient food, housing, health care, and education for all people.   Government has important responsibilities but cannot provide all the answers.   Providing true opportunity for the poor requires economic growth, protection of property rights, limits on taxation, transparent government policies, the rule of law, guards against corruption, and policies that encourage investment and entrepreneurship.   We are especially mindful of the Global South, where investment and micro-enterprise are especially needed.  We urge support for policies that will encourage equitable economic growth in the Global South and around the world, providing a just opportunity for all.  


The current language is dated and needs updating.