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More Responsible Stewardship (81261-FA-NonDis-!)

The 2008 General Conference calls upon all United Methodists to join in a great work of grace by:
    1)    Using the Quadrennial years 2008-2012 to develop a fund which would be available to churches and agencies of the UMC who wish to convert a part or all of their properties to “green buildings.”  The monies in the fund are to be made available in no-interest loans and no monies from any general church source are to be made available to churches and agencies of the UMC after 2016 for any buildings that are not built according to “green building” principles.  
            2)    Requiring that all new church starts, new church buildings, new parsonages, and any new structures of UMC conferences, boards, and agencies be built according to “green building” principles after the year 2012.
3)    Requiring that all UMC churches and agencies conduct an energy audit of their buildings during the years 2008-2010 and show improvement on their “carbon footprint” of the same by the year 2012.
4)    Giving prayerful consideration and responsible stewardship in our individual practices of stewardship of God’s Creation.


God has given us a world of wonder and beauty unsurpassable and mystery indescribable. God has asked humanity to exercise a care for all of creation that is modeled on God’s care. Our exercise of that care has been willfully wretched, especially in the last several centuries. The tragic results...