Petition 80126

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GCUMM Membership (80126-IC-¶2303)

Amend ¶2303 as follows:
1.   The commission shall consist of twenty-three (23)  twenty-five (25) voting members as defined in ¶705.3 in the General Provisions and ¶535. Other paragraphs of the Discipline notwithstanding, members of the Commission holding membership by office or organization, may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. The membership shall be composed of:
  c)    One  Three central conference representatives selected by the Central Conference College of Bishops.
        This legislation shall take effect upon the adjournment of the 2004  2008 General Conference.


The General Conference 2004 voted to increase the central conference membership to three for GCUMM.  It was not changed in the 2004 Discipline.  To be able to have inclusive representation, the GCUMM membership needs to change to 25.