Petition 81259

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Episcopal Supervision (81259-SU-00-C-!)

Add new ¶45 as follows and renumber remaining text:
¶45. Effective September 1, 2012, There shall be a Presiding Bishop of the United Methodist Church who shall be elected each quadrennium during the month of September for a four year term, ending September 30, by the Council of Bishops [the Council] from its membership, active or retired. A Presiding Bishop shall serve until his or her successor is duly elected and consecrated under such procedures as the Council shall determine. The Presiding Bishop shall not be required to perform presidential or residential duties other than those provided in this Article but may accept other responsibilities assigned by the Council. The Presiding Bishop, in his or her discretion, shall preside, or designate another bishop to preside, over all sessions of the General Conference and over all meetings of the Council. He or she shall be the senior bishop of the United Methodist Church and the chief spokesperson for the United Methodist Church. The General Conference shall provide for the pay, benefits, and expenses of the Presiding Bishop; however his or her salary shall not be less than 125% of the salary of active bishops. The Council may remove the Presiding Bishop with or without cause on a vote of three-fourths of the Council present and voting. The Council shall by majority vote of members present and voting replace a Presiding Bishop for the remainder of his or her term in the event of an incumbent’s death, resignation, removal, or inability to perform the duties of the office.
Any provision in the Constitution in conflict with the foregoing is hereby amended to conform therewith.
This amendment shall be self-executing.