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Global Church (81252-GA-R9999)

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Affirming the Full Diversity of Global United Methodism  
Over 30 percent of United Methodists now live outside the United States.  Over 25 percent live in Africa.  There are over 1 million United Methodists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  There are over 400,000 United Methodists in Nigeria, more than the entire Western Jurisdiction of the church in the United States.   Unlike the church in the United States, which has lost membership continuously for over 40 years, many of the central conferences are growing rapidly.   In the not distant future, a majority of United Methodists will live outside the United States.  
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this demographic diversity should be represented in the staffing, leadership and board composition of our general church agencies, our schools and other church entities.   The spending and programs of the general church should acknowledge the dramatic demographic shift occurring within United Methodism and vigorously work to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of new United Methodists outside the United States.  We enthusiastically celebrate the widening global nature of United Methodism!


Currently, much of the United Methodist Church is almost exclusively focused on the needs of the United States.  The non U.S. church must be equipped and empowered.