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Global Health Initiative (80123-GM-NonDis-!)

    The 2008 General Conference endorses a Global Health Initiative that will focus especially on global HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.    
United Methodists will demonstrate by our own financial stewardship that we are committed to addressing these global diseases that especially impact the world’s most impoverished.     During the 2009-12 quadrennium, United Methodists will not only request financial gifts from foundations, government organizations, and non-governmental agencies, but as a denomination we will raise $5 million through apportionments and match this with an additional $5 million through Advance gifts.    
The 2008 General Conference re-affirms that of the total money raised in each annual conference for these programs, 25 percent may be retained by the annual conference that raised it, to be used in programs combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and/or tuberculosis in their region and in other global connectional projects.   Each annual conference shall designate an appropriate agency for the promotion and distribution of these funds.      Of the total money raised in each annual conference for the United Methodist Global AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Fund, 75 percent shall be remitted by the conference treasurer to the treasurer of the General Council on Finance and Administration with appropriate distribution for use by the United Methodist Global AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Committee (with representatives from the Council of Bishops, General Board of Global Ministries,  General Board of Church and Society, Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, Youth and Young Adults Ministries, United Methodist Communications, and three persons not serving with any of these agencies).
Affirming Responsibilities of the Committee
The Committee will be responsible for the promotion, use, supervision, and distribution of these funds.  The Committee will:  
    1.    Assist local congregations and conferences in identifying and creating global partnerships for mutual HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria ministry.
    2.    Provide support for projects sponsored by local congregations or organizations related to the United Methodist Church, partner autonomous Methodist churches and the ecumenical church.
    3.    Encourage partnerships between congregations and conferences in the United States and Methodist congregations and ecumenical organizations globally that are engaged in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
    4.    Advocate for social justice, particularly related to increasing governmental and non-governmental funding and issues regarding the role of pharmaceutical companies.
5.    Develop appropriate promotional materials and funding guidelines.


For more than twenty-five years the global HIV and AIDS pandemic has traveled like a tsunami across the earth, leaving in its wake over 26 million dead and over 40 million persons infected.   Unlike most any other disease, it is a truly global crisis, as it impacts every nation and...