Petition 81227

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CFA Membership (81227-FA-¶611.2a)

Amend ¶ 611.2a as follows:
2. Membership—a) Each annual conference shall elect, at its session next succeeding the General Conference or jurisdictional conference, a conference council on finance and administration, or other structure to provide for the functions of this ministry.  It is recommended that it be composed of not less than five nor more than twenty-one members ; in every case  it is recommended that there shall be at least one layperson more than clergy included on the voting membership of the council.50 Persons shall be nominated for membership in a manner determined by the conference in accordance with ¶ 609.5. It is recommended that churches of less than two hundred members shall be represented on the conference council on finance and administration.   The term of office shall begin with the adjournment of the annual conference session at which they are elected and shall be for a period of four years and until their successors are elected.


Annual conferences should have the freedom to adopt an alternate structure to the Council on Finance and Administration providing the functions of the council are cared for.  Likewise, the annual conference should have the ability to set the membership of the council according to the conference’s needs.