Petition 81221

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Litigation (81221-GA-¶702)

   Add new subparagraph 702.6 to ¶ 702 and renumber current ¶ 702.6 as ¶ 702.7:
   6. General agencies, their subunits, and their staffs shall not initiate litigation in the civil courts against other Christians, nor shall they voluntarily become a co-litigant in such lawsuits initiated by others.


The General Rules (¶ 103, p. 73), 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, and earlier Methodist and EUB Disciplines prohibited Christians’ suing other Christians. Acts contradicting the General Rules violate the Fifth Restrictive Rule (¶ 21) and are unconstitutional. Recently (mid-2007), one agency sued to evade the Discipline’s rules governing its spending.