Petition 81219

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General Agency Petitions (81219-CO-¶507)

   Amend ¶ 507 :
   ¶ 507. Petitions to General Conference—Any organization, clergy member, or lay member of The United Methodist Church may petition the General Conference; however, general agency petitions must first receive the endorsement of an annual Conference and the General Board of Church and Society may not petition for changes to the Social Principles. Petitions must be assembled and sent in the following manner:...


These limitations should promote agency-congregation teamwork, counter the perception that agency petitions outrank other petitions, and reduce lobbying costs. The GBCS should implement the Social Principles (¶ 1004), not try to change them under the principle, “Do not mend our rules, but keep them” (¶¶ 330.4d(19)(b) and 336.19b).