Petition 81217

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Litigation (81217-C1-¶164.B)

   Add new sub paragraph to ¶ 164B:
    B) Political Responsibility—The strength of a political system...that are unjust.
    To this end, we must oppose and protest excessive litigation in the courts. The multiplication of lawsuits, many of them frivolous or motivated by greed, drains public treasury, overcrowds court dockets, slows the legal process, forces defendants into bankruptcy, and too often harasses the innocent. Moreover, Scripture and our General Rules enjoin Christians from initiating litigation against other Christians. Therefore, we call on all Christians to settle their disputes within the Church, not in the civil courts.


For too long, the Social Principles have ignored the evils of excessive litigation and lawsuits between Christians. Scripture (1 Corinthians 6:1-8) and the General Rules (¶ 103, p. 73), and Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Disciplines before 1939 and 1968 all forbid lawsuits between Christians.