Petition 81216

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Emphasize Christian Faith (81216-IC-¶1806.2)

    Amend ¶ 1806.2:
2. It shall have major responsibility on behalf of The United Methodist Church in the United States to relate to the public media in presenting the Christian faith and the work of the Church to the general public through broadcast and multimedia. It may develop such structures for broadcast and multimedia communication purposes as are deemed helpful to the Church in its witness throughout the media. It shall unify and coordinate public media messages and programs of United Methodist general agencies. Presenting the Christian faith requires that all presentations, messages, and programs shall clearly testify that we “profess the historic Christian faith” (¶ 101), that we maintain “established standards of doctrine” that may not be modified or superseded (¶ 17), and that “we think and let think” only on matters “which do not strike at the root of Christianity” (Wesley, “The Character of a Methodist”).


    We need to define “presenting the Christian faith” because recent UMCom television advertisements better describe the Unitarian Universalist Association. The “Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors” slogan misrepresents our church as doctrinally indifferent.  A recent Good News analysis (May/June 2007) exposed this campaign as an expensive failure.