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Campus Ministry Study (81212-MH-NonDis-!)

The General Conference of the United Methodist Church directs a study committee on campus ministry be formed to study campus ministry within the structure of the United Methodist Church.  The committee is charged to study whether United Methodist campus ministries, students, and local boards, as well as campus ministers are best served by the Campus Ministry Section being located in the General Board of Higher Education and Ministries or in the General Board of Discipleship where the Division on Ministries with Young People (DMYP) is located and where the church is focusing her resources on young adults. This study group would include members of local Wesley Foundation campus ministry Boards of Directors, campus ministers, chaplains, students, members of GBOD, GBHEM, and representatives from the Council of Bishops.  It would present a report with findings and recommendations to the 2012 General Conference.


    The Church needs to make a more focused effort on reaching college students and a study of the effectiveness and Division placement of campus ministry is needed to make sure that we are reaching students and providing resources for those in campus ministry settings.