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Prevention of Space Weaponization (81204-C1-R338)

Amend and re-adopt Resolution 338 – The United Methodist Church and Peace by adding a new paragraph between the fifth and sixth paragraphs under the heading “I. Disarmament” so that it reads (including footnote): control their health and well-being.
We affirm that outer space – the heavens – is God’s creation.  Efforts to weaponize space are belligerent actions that will weaken global security and diplomacy by inciting other nations to pursue a new international arms race through the development, testing, and building-up of military weaponry that will endanger all persons while also violating international anti-proliferation treaties.  In addition, according to Helen Calidicott and Craig Eisendrath, authors of “War in Heaven: The Arms Race in Outer Space,” such efforts “will consume hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars of scarce resources, and will result in the cutting off of aid to the developing world, permanently depressing standards of living... [making the weaponisation of space] act of moral degradation...[spending] vital funds on a project so useless and wickedly destructive...”  Therefore, we reject any nation’s efforts to weaponize space and call upon all nations to pursue a peaceful and collaborative development of space technologies and of outer space itself.  We insist that all human-made objects in outer space be registered and their purposes made known through an international body.  Additionally, we condemn the production, possession, or use of weapons in outer space.  We support the standing Outer Space and Moon Treaties, and support the proposed Space Preservation Treaty.  We call upon all nations to become signatories of these important treaties and to abide by their provisions.
   World public opinion justly condemns...