Petition 81203

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Guaranteed Appointment Change (81203-MH-¶334.1)

Amend ¶334.1 by adding the following at the end of the present text:   
The right of being continued under appointment by the Bishop may include an appointment to less-than-full-time-service when the following conditions are present:
(a) there are questions of effectiveness in the present appointment or in one or more of the elder’s previous appointments.
(b) there has been conversation with the elder identifying the concern and laying out a plan of action to address it.
(c) the plan of action has not been carried out by the elder, or has not produced fruits which give a realistic expectation of future effectiveness


    Many Conferences are plagued by ineffective Elders. Presently they are guaranteed full-time appointments. This produces a long line of congregations damaged by their ineffectiveness. The clergy are frustrated, too.  Further, “guaranteed appointments” of unproductive elders can mean that effective Local Pastors are displaced. Honesty calls us to do better.