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Health Care System for USA (81197-C2-NonDis)

The 2008 General Conference directs the General Board of Church and Society to work with many groups, including church groups, business groups, government groups, and medical groups, to bring about change in the health care system for the United States of America that incorporates the following six principles:
    1.    Basic health care coverage for all citizens.
    2.    Cost management to bring increases in line with per-capita gross domestic product.
    3.    Improved health care quality and safety.
    4.    Equitable financing.
    5.    Simplified administration
    6.    Accurate pricing information available to public.


The current health care system in the United States of America is inequitable and the most costly in the world.  Health care costs are hurting families, companies, churches and schools.  Consumers cannot shop for the best price for medical care because the actual costs are not publicly available.