Petition 81192

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Election (81192-GA-¶713)

Delete current ¶713 and substitute the following:
Election of General Secretaries of Program Agencies—The general secretary and deputy and associate general secretary(ies) of each general program agency that is accountable to the Connectional Table shall be elected at the beginning of each quadrennium by ballot of the board of the agency involved.  Such officers may be removed from office within the quadrennium for good cause, as provided in Par. 711, by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a duly convened meeting.  Vacancies in such positions, occurring through death, resignation, or removal, shall be filled for the remainder of the quadrennium by ballot of the board.


The yearly election of General Secretaries unduly weakens the office, potentially undermines needed continuity, and leads to insecurity among important leaders and their families.  If agencies elect the right people in the first place, such annual elections are unnecessary.