Petition 81190

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Reporting Resolution (81190-JA-¶362.1)

Add new sub-paragraph ¶362.1f as follows:
¶362.1.f – Reporting Resolution: If in the course of the supervisory response, a satisfactory resolution to the complaint is reached prior to referral (¶362.1.d), the bishop shall make a full report of any settlement agreement to the Executive Committee of the Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry for its approval.  This report shall include: (1) the name of the respondent (2) the charges;(3) a record of the response provided by the respondent on each charge; (4) a transcript, if requested; (5) all properly marked exhibits, records, documents, and other papers; and (6) the written resolution, including any disciplinary action taken, if any, to be imposed by the bishop and cabinet.
    A summary of this report shall be submitted to the Executive Session of the Annual Conference and shall include the name of the clergy person against whom the charge was brought, the nature of the complaint, the steps taken to reach a just resolution and an explanation of the settlement.  Once received, the Executive Session shall ratify the settlement by a 2/3 majority.  
If a settlement resolution does not receive the approval of the Executive Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry or the Executive Session of the Annual Conference, the bishop shall refer the complaint according to the provisions of ¶362.1.d.