Petition 80118

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Pastor-Parish Relations Meetings (80118-LC-¶259.2e)

Amend ¶259.2e as follows:
¶ 259.2(e)  The committee shall meet at least quarterly. It shall meet additionally at the request of the bishop, the district superintendent, the pastor, any other person accountable to the committee, or the chairperson of the committee. To fulfill his or her obligation under ordination, his or her connectional responsibility under appointment, and his or her duty as a pastor, the pastor should  shall  be present at each meeting of the committee on pastor-parish relations or staff-parish relations except where he or she voluntarily excuses himself or herself. The committee shall meet only with the knowledge of the pastor and/or the district superintendent. It may meet with the district superintendent without the pastor being present. However, the pastor or any member of the staff under consideration shall be notified prior to such meeting at which pastor’s or clergy staff member’s continued appointment or a lay staff member’s employment is discussed and be brought into consultation immediately thereafter. The committee shall always meet in closed session, and information shared in the committee shall be confidential.