Petition 81176

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Transition (81176-MH-¶342)

Amend ¶342 of the 2004 Discipline by inserting a new sub-paragraph 3 and renumbering subsequent paragraphs:
3. Transition between appointments—Each pastor serving full-time under appointment who is moving to a new charge shall have two weeks of benefit time, not counted as vacation or continuing formation, within the first month of work. In these two weeks, a pastor will have no responsibility for worship or regular office hours and will be free to worship elsewhere.  


Pastors and congregations would be well served with a two-week interim before the beginning of a new appointment. Parsonages and pastors’ studies could be repaired and redecorated. Pastors and their families could have time to pack and unpack and enter new work refreshed. Lay speakers could have more opportunities.