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Two State Solution (81165-GM-R9999)

Add new resolution as follows:
For the Peace of Israel through a Two State Solution
Whereas, being disciples of Jesus Christ, the United Methodist Church has cherished peace and justice for all God’s people.
Whereas the people who share Israel/ Palestine (known to many as the Holy Land) are suffering the effects of a longstanding and painful conflict.
Whereas the current Untied Methodist Commission on Church and Society, and United Methodist Women Studies have not included the perspective of those seeking to create a secure, sovereign, Jewish state while simultaneously upholding the rights of the Palestinian Arabs.  
Whereas these studies have not considered the severe impact of the presence of jihadist and other extreme Muslim factions, such as Hamas, upon the Palestinian people as well as Christian and Jewish populations.,  
Whereas the many attempts to solve the issue have only exacerbated and not stopped violence such as rocket launches from Gaza and suicide bombings throughout Israel.
Whereas this escalating conflict has become an urgent threat to Christians, Muslims, and Jews resident within Israel and surrounding Arab countries,
Be it Resolved that the United Methodist Church clearly advocates to obtain a broader understanding of the conflict and offers unambiguous support for a two state solution to the unrest that continues between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.