Petition 81164

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Appointed Beyond Home Conference (81164-MH-¶346.1)

Amend ¶346.1 as follows:
1. Ordained Clergy or Probationary Members from Other Annual Conferences and Other Methodist Denominations-With approval and consent of the bishops or other judicatory authorities involved, ordained clergy or probationary members of other annual conferences or other Methodist churches may receive appointments in the annual or missionary conference while retaining their home conference membership or denominational affiliation. Appointments are to be made by the resident bishop of the conference in which the clergy person is to serve. If appointment is to a missionary conference, the terms of the appointment shall be as provided in ¶ 586.4. Otherwise upon the recommendation of the board of ordained ministry, clergy in such appointments may be granted voice but not  and vote in the annual conference to which they are appointed. Intent to vote in the conference to which they are appointed shall be part of the clergy report to their home conference, and their participation in the annual conference they are serving shall be immediately conveyed to their home conference by an administrative officer named by the conference to which they are appointed.  Their membership on conference boards and agencies is restricted to the conference of which they are a member  may be allowed in only one annual conference at any one time. Nomination to general Church boards and agencies and election as delegates to general and jurisdictional conferences shall originate in the appointee’s home annual conference. They shall be compensated no less than the equitable salary provisions of the annual conference in which they serve and participate in the pension and insurance programs of that annual conference. Such appointments are renewable annually. Furthermore, it shall be the responsibility of the board of pensions of the annual conference in which the appointment is received to enroll such clergy in the Ministerial Pension Plan and the Comprehensive Protection Plan (see ¶ 1506.21).33


Exclusion of voting rights and participation on conference boards and agencies for clergy in the conference to which they are appointed disenfranchises the congregations they are serving from full participation in Annual, Jurisdictional and General Conference affairs. Paragraph 430.2 encourages appointment making across conference lines, but long distances preclude participation...