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Support of Theological Education in Africa (81160-MH-NonDis-!)

Given the realities of the growth of The United Methodist Church constituency in Africa today:
-    Full church membership in excess of 3,012,106 compared with 69,041 members in Europe, 201,309 in Asia and 8,050,000 in the United States
    -    Representing at least 26.6% of all United Methodists around the world
-    Having only 3,616 ordained elders in full connection compared with 1,228 in Europe, 798 in Asia, and 32,869 in the United States
-    Representing only 9.4% of all fully ordained United Methodist elders around the world compared with 3.2% in Europe, 2.1% in Asia, and 85.3% in the United States
    There is a tremendous need fort he support of theological education throughout the continent of Africa.
Therefore, the General Conference 2008 appropriates for the quadrennium 2009-2012 the amount of at least $2,000,000 for theological education in Africa as follows:
-    Expansion and strengthening of theological faculties
    -    Scholarships
-    Library development
-    Publication of strategically needed literature
-    Logistical support