Petition 80116

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Call for Special Sessions (80116-CO-¶519.2)

Amend ¶519.2 as follows:
¶519.2. The College of Bishops of a jurisdiction by a two-thirds vote shall have authority to call a special session of the jurisdictional conference when necessary; provided, however, that if an episcopal area is left vacant by reason of death, retirement, or other cause within twenty-four months of the episcopal assumption of presidential supervision of that area, close of the preceding jurisdictional conference, the College of Bishops may by majority vote convene within three months, after giving...


¶¶519.2 and 408 have conflicting bases on which to make a call for a special session of the jurisdictional conference in the event of the inability of a presiding bishop to continue in presidential service.  This legislative change will bring ¶519.2 into conformance to ¶408.